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The Role of Equality in Sustainable Development

The course includes innovative workshops for five consecutive days to enable the participants to become involved in the Swedish society and accommodate the work environment. Equality, in all its forms, is of great importance to the international community, in general, and to Sweden, in particular. It is part of the UN sustainable development goals. Equality is essential because of its direct and indirect effects on economic and social development and achieving social justice. To be aware of the subject and extending the participants knowledge to gain new skills and a broader perspective. 

During the course Participants will be able to:

- Adopt the global goals as shared values ​​with others from different backgrounds.

- Recognize any biased or discriminatory behaviour towards others from a different background to create a thriving professional and social atmosphere.

- Identify the implications of economic and social inequality, and how Sweden pursues equality between the various groups of society.

- Understand the importance of gender equality and gender parity, and the Swedish perspective of family structure.

- Reflect on the impact of gender and its role in human intellectual, psychological, health and social development.


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