Peers Bridge


Who can buy our courses?

Companies and organizations that are keen for their multi-cultural employees to undergo training on cultural integration, equality and Swedish work culture can purchase our courses or independent workshops. We also offer our tools to municipalities in Sweden for newcomers.

I represent a private company and would like to book a course/workshop for my employees. Is there a limit to the number of participants?

 We try to not over crowd our workshops so that there is maximum learning, interaction and communication between participants and facilitators. Our ideal number ranges from 10-16 participants but if you have a smaller/larger group that is interested, please write to us with your requirements so that we can provide you with a solution. 

What is the duration of a workshop and a course?

Each workshop is four hours long including breaks.  A course is conducted over a period of five days, four hours a day. This can be adjusted according to the needs of our customers. 

How will my employees benefit by attending these workshops or courses?

 Each of our workshops/courses cater to a different subject, all of which are important especially for new swedes who have moved to Sweden for work, study or for any other reason. While each of the workshops aim to provide different understandings and reflections, we hope our participants finish a course by feeling that they are better equipped to adopt and co-opt a new culture and find the skills learnt at the workshops helpful in gaining inter cultural skills and new perspectives. 

What is the pricing for the courses/workshops?

We have several packages available for our customers based on the need. Email us on info@peersbridge.se with your requirements. 

Can I mix and match the workshops to create my own course?

Yes! It is possible to create your own course based on your requirement. We currently have a list of ten workshops that you can pick from.