Peers Bridge


Ragnar Mattsson, Helsingborg Stad

 "The Swedish Work Environment är ett levande koncept för att dela och möta kunskap, erfarenheter och kontaktnät på en nya arena. Kursen ger en energifylld och högt uppskattad navigation in i det svenska samhället, allt under en mycket professionell ledning av Peers Bridge."


 “Swedish Corporate Culture is a project that is cultural innovative and contributes to the sustainable development of society in Helsingborg. It was a project that was much needed in the city and that has never been done before.”

Emma Frank Landgren, Helsingborg Stad

"I believe this initiative is very important for our newcomers. This course provide newcomers with valuable knowledge about Sweden and the Swedish work environment, which can be difficult to grasp without guidance. Peers bridge also introduce the newcomers to a new way of thinking and provides tools to managing a new context of living."

Anneli Ödén, Nyföretagarcentrum

"My role was as an observing manager and I gave my reflections to the participants. They listened actively and I feel that they understood there individual behaviour and what kind of unwritten rules there is at a Swedish workplace. I think its very important with this interactive workshop in purpose to integrate our new citizens and to understand each other, from different backgrounds. "

Introduction to Sustainable Development Workshop, Participant

"It is good to develop our capabilities in sustainable development to make every effort to protect our amazing planet"

The Role of Equality in Sustainable Development Course, Participant

"The course from its beginning to its end was very good, it had valuable information and the benefit was great. Your efforts were appreciated"

Reduced Inequalities Workshop, Participant

 "The information was very  important and I personally have gained more experience" 

Swedish Work Environment Course, Participant

"The course was wonderful and beneficial and I wish it was there when I first came to Sweden."

Swedish Work Environment Course, Participant

"Please do more of such courses for other groups in order to understand the Swedish working environment and Swedish society for as many newcomers as possible to help them integrate."

Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination Workshop, Participant

 "I thought the learning method and the information was wonderful and enjoyable and there was a smooth indoctrination." 

Gender Equality Workshop, Participant

 "All the activities, discussions and illustrations were good, and the simulation of the subjects was clear, understandable and close to thought" 

Gender and Sexual Orientation Workshop, Participant

 "I thought the information was good and the workshop changed my perspective about life."