Our Workshop Features


By using techniques that encourage all participants to contribute, helps to promote participant retention and learning of the content presented during workshop. 


By integrating different learning methods in each workshop to maximize learning efficiency. The workshops are structured in a unique way to accommodate the participants learning capacity.


By providing research-based information and educational videos, the workshops stimulate participants curiosity and enhance their knowledge. 


By incorporating reflective learning method in our workshops, the participants have the opportunity to mull over the various learned ideas and fit them into the pattern of their lifestyle for improvement. 


By making the workshop interesting and joyful and eliminating boredom, we enable the participants to maintain energy, focus and engage in discussions and activities to optimize the learning process.   


By creating a knowledge-exchange environment where participants can share their experience and express their thoughts and opinions in their native language. .

Our Workshops

Introduction to Sustainable Development

The workshop aims to help participants to adopt and contribute to the global goals as shared values with others from different background. After completing the workshop, the participants will:

· Realize today’s economic, social and environmental challenges. 

· Understand “Sustainability” as a term and a concept, it’s importance and how it is self-related.

· Be able to explain the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, their importance and how they are self-related.

· Learn how to devise ways in which he/she can contribute to the Global Goals as shared values.

Participants Satisfaction Rate:  81%

Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

The workshop aims to help participants to be aware of and eliminate any prejudice or discriminating behavior toward others with different background. After completing the workshop, the participants will:

· Be prepared to live and work in a new hosting culture.

· Come to understand the meaning and impact of culture.

· Demonstrate how one’s feelings of attachment to a given culture are learned though the processes of socialization, and that one’s tendency to judge other cultures is based on one’s own cultural perspective. 

· Be aware of the extent to which cultures can vary (cultural difference) and work through these differences.

· Come to appreciate cultural diversity and examine their attitudes and behaviors towards others who are ‘different’ than themselves.

Participants Satisfaction Rate:  85%

Reduced Inequalities

Global Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities. The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Description coming soon.

Participants Satisfaction Rate:  86%

Gender Equality

Global Goal 5: Gender Equality. The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The workshop aims to help the participants to recognize the benefits of gender equality in their personal, professional and social life.  After completing the workshop, the participants will: 

· Identify gender inequality and its negative impact

· Understand that gender equality is essential for sustainable social and economic development.

· Acknowledge that gender is a social construction that defines the roles and relations of men and women.

· Recognize the negative effect of hierarchy in a family structure.

· Understand the Swedish gender equality perspective and family structure. 

· Realize the benefits of gender equality from different aspects. 

Participants Satisfaction Rate:  95%

Gender and Sexual Orientation

The workshop aims to eliminate any prejudice or discriminating behavior toward others with different gender identity and sexual orientation. After completing the workshop, the participants will:

· Be aware of how norms play a role in perceiving what normal versus abnormal. 

· Realize that a spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation exists.

· Distinguish between gender, sex and expression.

· Acknowledge intersex as a natural phenomenon from a scientific perspective, and how culture norms affect them. 

· Recognize Gender Dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder and its impact on transgenders. (To be changed to Gender Incongruence) 

· Understand that transgender/transsexual is a natural phenomenon and learn how to deal them. 

· Realize that homosexual behavior is part of nature and eliminate negative stereotypes about them. 

Participants Satisfaction Rate:  90%

All our workshops are four hours long

Including Breaks.

Our Workshops are conducted in Participants' mother tongue. Why? To eliminate "Foreign Language Effect", thus delivering optimum outcome.

Foreign Language Effect:

• People operate slightly differently when communicating in foreign language.

• Reduces impulsiveness, thus less human interactions.

• Less emotional and show less empathy and consideration for the emotional state of others.

• Affects tendency to believe the truth. Especially when conversations touch on culture and intimate beliefs.

• Be emotionally detached and show different moral judgements.

Read more about  "Foreign Language Effect" at  G. Thierry (2018), World Economic Forum 


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